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with BTC, ETH, LMC and more

Become a Star

LoMoStar is one of the leading social platforms in the blockchain industry. With your own private wallet you can begin collecting, sharing and trading crypto today!

Local View (2019)

Place red envelopes in interesting places all around the world! Attract people to businesses and real world locations using your imagination. Experience location based advertising using geographic locations.

Group Chats

There are thousands of groups on LoMoStar where crypto is shared every minute of every day! Send and receive crypto using red envelopes to your favorite groups.


Millions of assets are airdropped in LoMoStar on a regular basis. Simply open LoMoStar during the airdrop event and enjoy the rewards!

Bounty Channel

Keep up to date with the latest blockchain news and earn crypto at the same time! Increase your wallet balance for reading and/or sharing the latest news.


Buy, sell, and trade crypto with LoMoStar users quickly and easily. LoMoStar provides over-the-counter (OTC) trades to allow real world transactions between users.

LoMoCoin (LMC)

LoMo is heavily committed to its Research & Development process to continuously improve its own blockchain technology. You can earn up to 24% annually when you stake LoMoCoins.

  • Buy, sell and trade LMC directly.
  • Send crypto to friends and family.
  • Receive crypto from group chats.
  • In-house R&D and blockchain.
  • Up to 24% LMC staking reward.

2019 Roadmap

In order to enrich your product experience, we are developing a new gaming section to the app, which will also support LMC circulation.

Local View : Experience location based advertising using geographic locations.

New types of world view envelopes are introduced to diversify social interactions.

Improved blockchain, wallet and explorer for LoMoCoin (LMC).

First generation of IoT based on the upgraded public chain goes live.


LoMoStar will help us create a brand new social world!