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May 2018


As LoMoStar continues to expand so does LoMoWorld! New members are joining LoMoWorld left and right and now so can you! Simply download the LoMoStar app and keep your eyes open for the LoMoWorld application to appear. (See below)

The LoMoWorld Spelling Bee!

When it comes to spelling words online, you might be thinking 'That's Easy!'. But ask the LoMoWorld group to spell words together and it's another story! Join us in the upcoming LoMoWorld Spelling Bee and pick up crypto along the way!


Did you ever want to make an extra LoMoCoin or two? I don't blame ya! Well here's your chance to make a little extra LMC with some bounty work!

How to join

In order to become a LoMoWorld member you need to download the LoMoStar app! Once registered, you can join LoMoWorld as long as you meet the requirements.

Join us on Reddit!

Don't be shy, stop on by and say hello! Don't know what to say? How about letting us know how you discovered LoMoCoin, LoMoStar and LoMoWorld!

We like it clean :)

Sharing is caring, and we don't mean URL's! Remember to keep it clean and refrain from using foul language in LoMoWorld. Oh yeah, and no begging. ;) We all thank you!